Jass Club

If you are interested in joining the Jass Club, please contact Fred Gillespie via phone: 302-255-9164 or via email: Jass@MySwissClub.org.

Please consult the Jass Calendar to view upcoming games.

A long time ago, six members of our society came together to enjoy an evening of playing Jass (Swiss poker).

An old document found in the NHS files defines J.A.S.S. as Jass American Swiss Society.

One founding member is still an active participant, whereas (sadly enough) one passed away and others moved away. Today, the group has grown to over 40 members.

The card games used to take place on Friday evenings hosted by one of the Jassers. At this time the group had a “JASS KASSE” and players deposited one dollar for each game they lost. Once there was enough money accumulated the group went out and enjoyed a dinner without touching any cards.

Jass parties on Fridays became more difficult because of traveling after a day of work and the Jass Evenings turned into Saturday afternoon Jass in the early 2000. Still today, the majority of parties are hosted during Saturday afternoon.

In a memo dated February 5, 1998 the host fee was increased from $3.00 to $4.00. At this time it most likely covered drinks, snacks and dessert. Later on the fee increased to $5.00, and just recently it changed to $10.00 per participant. The initially served drinks, snacks, and sweets gradually became light meals, and today we normally look forward to enjoy a full meal before the heated games start. The losers hand a dollar to the winners for each completed game (2,500 points), and there is no longer a reason to organize an outing after the games since we all enjoy the always excellent food prepared by the voluntary hosts.

The group recently announced a beginners’ party and we hope to attract some new players. We have players of varies skill levels, but the emphasis is set to enjoy a good game with any player.

The group is very fortunate to have members that offer an outdoor pool. The warmer months are normally hosted by pool owners and we all enjoy a pool side Jass or even a Jass Tournament. Heated or over-heated players are ordered to cool off in the pool.

Our website lists the hosts, and dates for our parties and invitations are emailed to all active Jass Club members.


View upcoming games on our Jass calendar.