The New Helvetic Society offers a variety of programs, clubs, events, and networking opportunities among Swiss, Swiss-American, and American-Swiss communities in the Delaware Valley. We encourage anyone with Swiss roots or even just an interest in Swiss culture, history, and tourism, to join the Society.

FamilyAdult members of the same household and their dependents under age 21.$30$450
SingleSingle membership for an individual adult.$20$300
PassiveSame as Single, but without voting privileges.$15N/A
Dues do not include cost of event tickets.

Member privileges include:

  • The right to vote at the annual membership meeting
  • Access to annual fondue party for members and guests
  • Community updates on e-mailing list (6-10 updates per year)

Member responsibilities include:

Memberships apply to the NHS fiscal year (4/1-3/31).

New Members


Existing Members